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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

URANUS CLASS is in session ⚡🛸 "Surprise!"

- or -

Breakdown to breakthrough." 💥 - or - "Dance to the beat of your own drum." 🥁



Awakening // Liberation // Freedom // Future // Forward-Thinking // Rebellion // Revolution // Reformation // Uniqueness // Weirdo // Oddball // Outsider // Unusual // Break with Tradition // Non-Binary // Gender-Fluidity // Breakdown to Breakthrough Insight // Innovation // Pioneering // Experimentation // Exploration // Invention // Reinvention // Creativity // Gadgets // Science // Technology // Surprise // Suddenness // Unpredictable // Expect the Unexpected // Shocking // Volatile // Unstable // Destabilize // Disruption // Electricity // Light // Lightning // Energy // Kundalini // Change // Upgrade // Trailblazer // Modern // Nonconforming // Restless // Different // Break the mold // Against the Grain // Outside the Box // Ready or Not // Rebel // Outsider // Risk-Taker // Eccentricity // Individuality // Blast-off // Independent // Upheaval // Break Free // Inspiration // Intellect // Genius // Truth // Edginess // Expression // Explore // Trend-Defyer // Trend-setter // Individualism // Outer Space // The Occult // Astrology // Space Projects // Airplanes


Outsider // Breakdown to Breakthrough Insight // Shocking // Suddenness // Volatile // Unstable // Destabilize // Disruption // Nonconforming // Restless // Rebel // Outsider // Upheaval // Destructive // Rebellion


- Which qualities of this archetype resonate with you?

- Which qualities of this archetype challenge you, and in what ways?

- Which qualities of this archetype do you crave?

MAGICK & MEDICINE: Vision & Innovation 🔭 SONGS Freedom - Beyonce

Wide Awake - Katy Perry Upgrade - Beyonce

Cosmic Girl - Jamiroquai Intergalactic Planetary - Beastie Boys

Rebel Rebel - David Bowie

Killing In The Name Of - Rage Against The Machine

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Gil Scot-Heron


Uranus was only just discovered in 1781 by William Herschel, a British astronomer originally hailing from Germany. The practice of astrology has been around for millennia. Ancient astrologers didn't know Uranus existed, and so Uranus doesn't fit into traditional astrological systems (eastern or western). Considered a modern planet, Uranus was assigned rulership to the sign of Aquarius as it shares some energetic characteristics with the sign (emphasis on some).

Many modern astrologers - myself included, have begun reconnecting with ancient teachings due to some very recent English translations of ancient texts becoming available, and are reverting to the ancient planetary rulership system seeing its perfect symmetry and logic - thereby releasing Uranus as the ruler of the sign Aquarius - while still acknowledging and working with this extraordinary planet in practice. A few years ago I experienced the transit of Uranus conjunct my natal sun. I have no doubt of its incredibly electric, powerful and change-making influence, even though I don't personally consider Uranus to be the ruler of Aquarius (that would be Saturn), or any sign.

BREAKDOWN TO BREAKTHROUGH ✨💥✨ Wherever Uranus is active it breaks with tradition and brings new vibes, often quite suddenly or unexpectedly. In true rebel style, it even spins on its side as you can see from the vertical orientation of its rings. Since it's not a traditional planet, it has never been classified as a benefic (good) or malefic (bad), and I like to think of it's energy as inherently neutral. There are those who would argue that it's more malefic because it can be so disruptive, but I've definitely seen the upsides of this planetary energy as well. It really can blast us out of old systems and identities and facilitate enormous inspiration and liberation. I've seen people completely re-up their identities from looks to name changes under Uranus transits - the new self finally reflecting who the person has been inside all along. Uranus activations also trigger people to explore, experiment and create themselves, claiming their process and right to reinvent, choose and become more themselves than ever before. All this said, Uranus is usually a breakdown to breakthrough energy when it's in difficult aspect.

URANUS + SATURN FRICTION IN 2021 🪐 🟥 🪐 In a nutshell, rebellion/revolution/awakening/futuristic energy is at odds with existing structures/authorities (to understand Saturn energy, visit Saturn Class). Here's Saturn square Uranus energy in 3.5 minutes of song:

It’s interesting because I’ve been seeing the left as being the revolutionaries (Uranus) challenging existing order and institutions (Saturn) to progress social justice, equality and human rights. But as we’re seeing an administration switch in the United States and a lot of upset Trump supporters, we may experience some of the revolution/rebellion energy (Uranus) as the right, and some of the existing institution and authority (Saturn) as the left. It may be a mixed bag with multiple layers of symbolism.

As someone who is decidedly left, I don’t tend to think of the right as progressive and future-oriented, but there is definitely a push for freedom and along some lines a departure from the status quo - a different take on the same Uranian themes the left is about. I’m sure I’ll have further clarity on this myself as time goes on, but I'm not sure it will be as simple as one party embodying Saturn and one party embodying Uranus. Of course, all of this plays out well beyond the United States as well.

Will existing authorities, institutions and structures continue to be challenged worldwide? Will new structures and organizations be built? This configuration suggests so. Uranus in Taurus also speaks to revolution within finance, the economy and agriculture, so it'll be interesting to see what happens there too.

QUESTIONS TO SEE URANUS ENERGY AT WORK IN YOUR LIFE: 1) How am I different than others? Do I dance to the beat of my own drum?

2) Am I okay with being different or not fitting in?

3) If not, how can I claim my power and authority to be fully myself, in all my unique glory? How might this inspire and empower others to do the same? 4) Where in my life have I gone - or wanted to go - against the grain and status quo? Where do I crave change? 5) Is there anywhere in my life I'm feeling oppressed? 6) Where would it serve me and others to break with tradition? Do I need an upgrade?

7) What excites me about future possibilities?

8) How can I innovate in my work?

9) How can I innovate in my personal life?

10) How can I innovate in my health? 11) How do I see Uranus energy playing out in the Collective?

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