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Updated: May 28, 2022

SATURN CLASS is in session 🖤 ⬛️

"No pressure, no diamond." 💎

- or -

"Rome wasn't built in a day." 🏰

- or -

"Clean it up." 🧽🧼🧹



Adulting // Do The Work // Responsibility // Discipline // Tough Love // Tradition // The Establishment // Institutions // Systems // Structure // Planning // Effort // Stability // Security // Boundaries // Limitations // Face Reality // Karma & Not Getting Away With Shit // Tests // Law & Order // Commitment // Ambition // In It For The Long Haul // Mastery // Achievement // Rules // Organization // Time // Foundations // Grounded // The Basics // Authority // Status // Patience // Conservation // Necessity // Practicality // Perseverance // Follow-Through // Taking Care Of Business // Prudence // Reliability // Consistency // Boring Now, Awesome Later // Keep Going // Build // Slow, Steady Growth // No Cheating, No Shortcuts // Restriction // Duty // Endurance // Seriousness // Strength // Wisdom // Delayed Gratification // Bones // Skeleton


Blockages // Rigidity // Unreasonable Limitations // The Old Boys Club // Unfair Restriction // Unjust Laws, Rules, Structures, Systems, Organizations and Institutions // Abuse of Authority // Outdatedness // Death // Coldness // Bondage // Lack of Creativity // No Fun // Delays // Difficulty // Unfeeling // Immovable // Inflexible // Cynicism // Sacrifice // Repression // Slowness // Karma

MISSION: To Build / To Endure

MEDICINE: Perseverance. 💪


Takin' Care Of Business - Bachman-Turner Overdrive 👔

The Climb - Miley Cyrus

Work Bitch - Britney Spears

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk

No Pressure, No Diamond - Classified feat. Snoop Dogg

Like A Rock - Bob Seger

Titanium - David Guetta feat. Sia

I'm Still Standing - Elton John

DAY: Saturday


SECT: Diurnal

DIGNITY: Capricorn & Aquarius (at home in these signs, and therefore very strong)

EXALTATION: Libra (an honoured guest in this sign, and therefore very strong)

DETRIMENT: Cancer & Leo (far from home in this sign and without it's usual resources, therefore more challenged)

FALL: Aries (far from home in this sign and without it's usual resources, therefore more challenged)

The brilliant astrologer @anneortelee likes to say, "Do your Saturn, or it will do you." This means that wherever Saturn is active in your chart, there will be no excuses. You're not going to get away with your shit 🙅🏽


Saturn isn't fun, but it brings big rewards over time. Think of the sweet payoff of sticking to a healthy diet or an exercise routine over time. Or having a savings account you've been slowly building for years. Or an enduring relationship - one that has survived all the reality that comes after the honeymoon. Saturn's Love is in everything solid that has withstood the tests of time (the stuff that didn't wasn't worthy of your time anyway). Saturn takes care of what needs taking care of and sets future you up for solid, secure success. It is known as the planet of limitations, but the right limitations actually set us up for greater freedom for the long haul.


If things are falling apart in your life under Saturn's tests, chances are the foundations were weak (or even rotting). The house of cards comes down when Saturn comes around. But who wants to live in a house of cards? How else can we learn what we are made of? How else can we learn that we are truly capable if we don't have the experience of effort and triumph? We learn by building solid new foundations, brick by brick. Instant gratification? NOPE. This is what makes Saturn so difficult for some of us. We must do it - the right way - and keep our eyes on the prize. 🏅

WHY SATURN IS AN EXTRA BIG DEAL IN 2020 ➡️ ♑ 🪐 🪐 🪐 🪐 💥

The 2nd heavyweight planet in 2020's truly epic planetary pileup of reckoning in Capricorn is SATURN. Saturn takes about 29 years to circle the zodiac, spending 2-3 years in a single sign and a significant amount of time on any single degree of the zodiac in order to catalyze it's energetic change, test existing structures (if they fall, they weren't the real deal), lay new foundations and clean things up. In simplest terms, Saturn is serving up Reality sandwiches wherever it goes. As the natural planetary ruler of Capricorn, Saturn is on home turf and extra powerful because of it. Saturn moves slowly, bearing down on each degree with great weight and great thoroughness. This makes Saturn a big deal when it's on a sensitive point in your own chart (or having major meetups like in 2020's skies) because it takes time to do this real work. Like I said... no shortcuts!


Saturn and Pluto met up for the first time since 1982 on January 12th, 2020 at 23 degrees Capricorn, just two days after a potent Lunar Eclipse near the same degree (eclipses are also big deals - way more energy moving/releasing than usual). In simplest terms... WOAH MAMA. Astrologers knew that the merging of these two planetary energies would bring massive change to the collective and individual people this year but we could never have predicted just how massive it would be. Each one of these planets will kick your ass all by itself. (It's tough love.) So, their compound effects are extremely dramatic. While the conjunction perfected on January 12th, these two planets will be considered conjunct most of the year.


1) What are the most solid and secure foundations in your life? What are your greatest achievements? Where do you know you are capable?

2) Where are you in need of solid foundations? Has security eluded you in any area of your life?

3) Are there areas of your life you're flubbing, or that you're hoping luck and charm will carry you? Where do you need to learn that you are capable? Where have you tried to get by on patch-ups, short-cuts, jerry-rigs, half-truths... or perhaps charm and talent without any elbow grease? 

4) Who or what has authority over you? Do you have inner authority? Can you count on yourself?

5) Who or what do you have authority over? Have you ever abused your authority? 

6) What solid foundations and structures are you building right now from scratch to set Future You up for success? What sacrifices are Present You making for Future You?

7) How do you see Saturn energy playing out in the Collective?

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