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Updated: Feb 16, 2021

MERCURY RX in AQUARIUS ♒️ 💫✨ Mercury, planet of the mind, communications and travel, will be retrograde in the air sign of Aquarius from January 30th (stationing Rx at 26°29 Aquarius) - February 20th (stationing direct at 11°01 Aquarius).

This retrograde promises to be active as Mercury is co-present in Aquarius with Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun!


1) Be extra thoughtful about your communications during this period, especially on or around February 10th when Mercury will square Mars, an aspect of potential stress, agitation or conflict ✨🙏🏻😡🙏🏻✨

2) Take extra care with vehicles and travels. ✨🚙✨

3) Back up your files! ✨💾✨


This is not an ideal time to start or buy new things, especially with regards to writing, speaking, contracts, relationships or travel - basically, all communications. If you must, leave yourself as much room as possible for adjustment as things often unfold differently than we plan, and will need to be renegotiated or redone later.


This is an ideal time to retrieve, review, restore, resolve unfinished ideas, projects, relationships or endeavours that have fallen by the wayside, especially with regards to your community and groups. Sometimes things resurface because second chances are warranted, and sometimes it's for that final closure.


Look to the Aquarius house of your chart for this Mercury Rx's activity and for insight into what you'll be reviewing. You can also look to your natal Mercury placement as well as the Gemini & Virgo houses in your chart for further insight as Mercury governs those areas of your life.

I believe that retrograde periods give us an important opportunity to review things we may need to integrate or fully close out before we can move forward successfully. This can be a powerful and productive time when we understand how to work with these currents.

What's up for review?

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Retrograde Blessings ✨🌹✨



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