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Rebekah Muir

Setting Sacred Space to support Divine Connection through Music, Prayer, Meditation & Energy Healing.

Traditional Astrology specializing in current Transits, Annual Profections and Electional Astrology. 

I help people connect with The Force of Love - within them and everywhere around them - by whatever name they choose to call It. My favorite tools for this are Music, Meditation, Prayer, Astrology, Energy Work and Ritual - all incredible for divine connection, self-knowledge, and understanding.

I've never fit very well into boxes. I'm both a professional singer and music educator as well as a traditional astrologer, podcast host and modern spiritual explorer. I've always known that music heals, but as I've deepened my spiritual pursuits and trainings in energy healing, meditation and astrology - I am really working with the energetics of music on a deeper level.


Astrologically, I specialize in transits and annual profections which help us understand how the planets now are activating our unique natal chart and working in our lives, as well as how we can work with them for growth and fulfillment. I also specialize in electional astrology, the "science" of electing a particular date and time to initiate something to bring that thing to successful fruition. I say "science" because it's quite technical! Technical, and intuitive, like catching a wave. Everything is energy, and we can ride the tides. 

I've spent many years exploring music, spirituality, quantum healing, magick, thhe law of vibration, energy, psychology and trauma and at this point in time, my work is a dance between light & shadow. Sometimes we need to look toward possibility and change our energy, other times we need to cultivate unconditional love for ourselves and our circumstances exactly as they are (in other words, the way out is through). It's a dance. I will never give a negative or limiting reading, ever. Any challenging energy that appears in a reading is something that is simply demanding growth. Everything can be shifted. We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. We are stronger than we think. And so is The Force.

I was born & raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, by professional musicians and progressive thinkers. I've been singing since before I could talk and contemplating God and existence since I was four. I'm a trauma-informed dark-night-of-the-soul survivor, and I've come a long way from my darkest days. I believe in growth, grace, magick and The Divine, and I love to share the tools I have for connecting with these things!

Before moving to LA I was on the summer faculty of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and I've been a music educator for 14 years as well as a full-time professional musician & performer. Music is an amazing healing path, and I love helping people find peace, purpose, power and connection through musical expression. I've been fortunate to have collaborated and performed with some of music’s most celebrated and award-winning talents including Linda Ronstadt, Steve Winwood, Josh Groban, Deer Tick, & Christopher Guest to name just a few.

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