NOTE: Calendar is currently in Pacific Time. Services are only available remotely via Zoom for the time-being. Readings & Energy Healings are just as effective remotely! CANADIANS: Please email me before booking ( and we can arrange your prices in CAD. I know the exchange is rough :) I'm sorry that I'm unable to offer Sacred Singing lessons at this time. Meditations are also livestream only for the time-being. See you online!


Remote Sessions via Zoom

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Planet and Moon


~ Let's explore your Magick as charted by the stars ~

Natal Chart, Transits + Profections

Synastry, Electional Astrology

Astrological Remediation

Astrology Reading: Natal + Year Ahead Transits & Profections: $200, 90 min

Returning Astrology Client Check-ins: $100 30 min, $150 60 min, $250 Reading/Healing Combo *Please Note: This option is for those who have already had a full Astrology Reading with me within the past year. Unfortunately I'm not able to offer this to returning clients who have previously seen me for Tarot even if we briefly glanced at your Astrology chart, as this builds upon the extensive coverage of the full Astrology Reading. Thank you for understanding!

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Synastry (each person must have personal reading first): $200, 90 min

* You must know your precise birth time, to the minute for an accurate reading *

Astrological Remediation Consultation: $150, 1 Hour

Remediation is the practice of connecting with planetary consciousness and energy to help that particular energy flow and work better within you, and in your life. For example, someone may have a challenging Mars placement in their natal chart and they may continue to experience issues in their life related to that challenging energy. This can be remedied. I've had wonderful results with this practice, personally. An astrological remediation consultation includes diagnostics - determining which planetary energies need support, connection and healing, as well as clear instructions for remediation practices. Remediation generally involves meditation, prayer and other ritual elements. While anyone can do this work, this work is probably more for those who are really, really into Astrology as well as ritual, magick, mysticism.


You are made of stardust. Let's explore your unique composition of Magick as charted by the stars! The gifts you came in with are your unique palette of Magick. We'll also look at any challenging configurations, which are initiations on a path of growth and ultimately, deeper empowerment. There is Magick flowing all around you in the form of Astrological transits (weather). These transits offer insight into the energy available to you at this time, and we'll talk about how you can work with them to move through initiations toward your goals. The transits show the conditions and the timing - but not the outcome. That is up to you and The Force. Astrology gives us beautiful and impressive information about when and where we are being watered, and when and where we are being pruned - right down to exact dates. Even pruning is Magick. With this understanding, we are empowered to remediate any challenges and shift things.

My Astrological practice is rooted in the ancient Hellenistic tradition and I use traditional planetary rulers, but I also definitely use modern planets as well as some fixed stars and asteroids. There is so much to work with! Many astrologers offer Natal readings & Transit readings separately, but I can't imagine doing a reading without addressing both, so I aim to cover as much as possible in one 90 minute deep-dive session so you can get the fullest picture and reconnect to your Magick, your power, your vision and your potential. My style in general is thorough, and we may even go a little over time if necessary at no extra charge. You will be given the recording afterward, and you are encouraged to take notes and ask questions!

A Year-Ahead Full Astrology Reading aims to cover as much as possible, looking at all the most relevant parts of your astrological chart as well as upcoming weather. Returning Client appointments are available in shorter time intervals for those who have already gotten the full lay of the land and who wish to further zoom in on specific themes, nooks, crannies and corners of their chart, or anything they did not think to ask about in the initial consultation.



1 Hour: $175, 45 Min: $125, 30 Min: $90, 15 Min: $65

Let's tap in and get guidance. We can work through a problem or blockage together with the help of archetypes as they show up in the Tarot & Oracle spread. It's important when working with Tarot to remember that the cards are giving us a read on the current energy, which can absolutely be shifted (in fact, this is the point!). Tarot is not about giving up control to a pre-destined future but taking your power back to heal, grow, change and set about crafting the future you want for yourself. We can face what's shown with love, and begin to shift your perspective of it, creating clarity and actionable steps for you to continue to transform your life.