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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

PLUTO CLASS is in session 🖤

"You've always had the Power my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself." - Glinda the Good Witch (Wizard of Oz)

I'm bringing it back to basics right now. Interpreting what's going on in the sky at any given moment - or even trying to understand a competent astrologer's breakdown of it - can be overwhelmingly extra. It doesn't have to be this way!


Astrology - like tarot and many other mystical modalities - is an archetypal understanding of energy. Each planet and each sign is a unique pattern of ENERGY. While they are definitely layered and intertwined, if you look at ONE AT A TIME, Boom 💥 Clarity!


Much of 2020 is a meeting and reckoning of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, and most of this is happening in the sign of Capricorn. If you know where Capricorn is in your chart that will give you a sense of which area of your life is undergoing some major 2020-brand transformation. This class will still be powerful even if you don't know.


Let's start with PLUTO. (Scorpios, this is your planet! But Pluto is significant for everyone).


As the slowest-moving energy, it's in a given place in the sky for a long time doing it's thing - Transformation with a capital T. Pluto works a single degree or two for a year or more. Think of it as the slow shifting of the deepest tectonic plates. You may barely notice but eventually the tension builds to peak and something's gotta give! Volcanic vibes. 🌋


We're starting with Pluto because it's the deepest layer in 2020's planetary pileup. It's about deep things, too. Other major energies - even ones we consider slow-moving heavy-weights like Saturn and Jupiter - will move through this same point in the sky way faster. Their energies will interact with Pluto's and it will be major, but they don't reach the same depths No matter what change the other planets bring, Pluto's mission is the most enduring. Pluto gives no Fs and shrugs at the other energies popping. The way to conquer Pluto is to surrender, because there is no stopping the deep change this energy brings.


GOOD? BAD? Archetypal energies are neutral, even though some growth is pleasant (benefics: Venus and Jupiter) and some is not (malefics: Mars, Saturn, Pluto). There is light and shadow in everything. If you have awareness of the energy that's flowing, you can work WITH it. What do you choose?


WHAT IS PLUTO ENERGY? POWER, DEATH & TRANSFORMATION. The Phoenix is the highest Pluto energy. Here are some more words in the key of Pluto:


Death // Dark // Loss // Dessimation // Destruction // Endings // Release // Let Go // Surrender // Rebirth // Regeneration // Renewal // The Phoenix // Power // Empowerment // Victimization // Motivation // Manipulation // Abuse of Power // Betrayal // Fanaticism // Drive // Corruption // Unconscious // Shadow // Obsession // Compulsion // Evolution // Change // Liberation // Depth // Underworld // Taboo // Below the Surface // Hidden // Repressed Feelings // Sexuality // Instict // Taboos // Intensity // Transmutation // Transformation //


What stands out for you?




1) What does the word Power mean to you?

2)Where do you feel Powerful in your life? What gives you your Power? How do you use your Power?

3) Where do you NOT feel Powerful in your life?

4) Who or what has Power over you? (Whose approval do you want or need, consciously and unconsciously, and WHY?)

5) What is the power dynamic in your most significant relationship? How do you feel around this person? How do you think they feel around you?

5) Who or what do you have power over? Do you empower or disempower others?

6) Have you ever abused your power? (Bully, Intimidate, Manipulate, Use, Prey Upon, Isolate, Dismiss.) What was the motivation? Has anyone done these things to you?

7) What deep thoughts, feelings, drives, urges and truths live within you that are hard to acknowledge? How would acknowledging them shift your sense of personal Power?

8) What painful loss have you suffered in your life? How has this forced you to discover new reserves, strength and parts of yourself?

9) How do you see Pluto energy playing out in the Collective?


Pluto destroys that one thing we feel we absolutely cannot bear to lose. It's a painful death. But this is the thing we've been drawing false Power from - the thing we think makes us. By losing it, we feel like we are dying; like we are lost. But it's precisely in NOT getting what we want - what we desperately feel we need - that we are forced to discover the true Source of Power within us (that was there all along). The loss is staggeringly painful but we do come through it, and there is such incredible Liberation and Freedom on the other side when we realize it didn't take us out after all.


When you are no longer unconsciously leaking power and energy into a person, place or thing, it's a pretty amazing feeling. Forced to discover you didn't need it after all. To be unphased by things that previously plagued, manipulated, victimized and controlled you. To be in your true Power. This is Pluto's gift.

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