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Why am I so obsessed with Astrology?

Because it makes things make sense.🪐 🌹

There's so much I could say about the last 3 years of my life and how my own transits have played out with jaw-dropping accuracy... maybe I'll find the time to share in detail one day, but probably not bc I’d never stop talking.

Whether I’m macro - looking at the year - or micro - looking at the day - the Astrology never misses.

Tiff w my babe? Moon opposing Mars-Saturn, pretty much to the hour of peak. Ohh.

Getting back together with my babe and engaged on a Venus Rx with Jupiter on my natal Venus? Right.

Delays and stagnation with immigration paperwork and things suddenly move forward THE DAY the south node leaves my 9th house of foreign affairs? Of course.

Delays getting back to the US and things finally move forward the DAY Jupiter - ruler of my foreign travel house - moves out of my 12th house of exile and into my 1st house and sun sign Aries? Obviously.

My beloved cat takes a sudden and unexpected turn? Look no further than my own forecast and the triple conjunction we had Aug 1 and how it activates my time lord and house rulers.

If you’re watching, the timing is truly spectacular.

Even in difficult moments, Astrological knowledge has given me the understanding that a higher order is always unfolding.

Understanding the currents and themes I'm swimming in has not only made me feel less crazy, but it has empowered me tremendously to get the gold out of it all.

I believe Astrology is weather - not outcomes. I understand that Divinity, the Great Mystery & the Great Unknown is far bigger than my limited human knowledge of the stars and the correlation of their movements with our experiences here on earth.

There are infinite openings. The Force of Love is a great Mystery and a great power that we have access to in every moment - within us and all around us - that can change everything.

We don’t need Astrology to live an empowered and divinely connected life. It’s one layer, one lens. But for those of us drawn to it, it’s pretty cool ✨🌹🪐

I have readings of varying lengths and price points on my website, linked in bio 👆🏼🪐💫

All my love 🌟❤️

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