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🌹 This perfect boy came around every night when it was time for the Rosary. He could feel the Love. It’s hard to pray it without him now.

Why the rosary?

Aren’t I witchy?

I am a seeker and I’ve found something deeply powerful in the Rosary.

I’m not religious but have a connection to the Blessed Mother - the Great Mother (she has many names). I asked Her once to show me a huge, irrefutable sign that she was really real. The next day I was introduced to a clairvoyant who shook my hand and out of nowhere said,

“Oh my, the Blessed Mother is all over you!”

That was it for me. Now, She shows up everywhere in truly generous external validation of Her presence.

I followed the breadcrumbs and they led me to the Rosary.

I learned from @clarkstrand that the Rosary predates Christianity. “The Goddess hidden in plain sight.” So much more to say about this but give him a follow, and @way_of_the_rose if you’re curious. There’s no proselytizing here, no selling of anything or pushing of any dogma. Just an honoring of Her and each person’s unique connection and relationship, whatever that looks like, however that works for each one.

And Beloved Community.

The Rosary at @way_of_the_rose is different. We pray together for our Heart’s desires. In community. No judgment, no advice, just prayer and presence. People change the words of the rosary as they need to make it work for them. As @perditafinn says, “There are no rosary police.”

Praying the Rosary gives us something to hold onto in the Void. A way of reaching for Her hand.

“We do not live in a motherless universe.” - WOTR book

In ways totally beyond my cognitive understanding, praying the Rosary has brought about many miracles in my life. Tangible real ones. My 1st 54 day novena, nothing was working for Archie’s diabetes. Not even Insulin, which we gave him for at least month. Miraculously, after the novena, the insulin started working, seemingly out of nowhere. After another few weeks he didn’t even need it aymore.

I prayed in other novenas for HOME. To be back home, permanently in the United States. But also for a home, a family.

I visited Her shrine in Woodstock, NY, on the way there - I got unexpectedly engaged to my longtime American love after a 2+ year separation, and now I live in the House he recently bought. I’m telling you, She is bananas 🍌🌹

Anyhow… check out @way_of_the_rose if the Blessed Mother us your thing and you’re curious about a totally inclusive, non-dogmatic rosary practice where you can pray it in beloved community however you want with no one judging you or trying to sell you anything 🌟🌹

PS: @way_of_the_rose has many free prayer meetings online every day. And they have a Witches Rosary. A Dark Goddess Rosary. A mental health rosary. An LGBTQ+ rosary. A trans rosary. A creative rosary. So many… and whatever kind of rosary you want, if they don’t have it, you’re invited to create it (so long as you’re not selling anything or involving outside causes cause they keep it really well protected like that).

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