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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

"Eclipses are literal energy upgrades."


LUNAR ECLIPSE (upcoming, November 30th at 8°38' Gemini)

SOLAR ECLIPSE (upcoming December 14th at 23°08' Sagittarius, the Electoral College)

I want to clear something up. There are A LOT of different opinions on what to do and what not to do for magick and manifestation and healing in the spiritual world, and many differing schools in the astrology world. I hope everyone is doing their own research and rocking what speaks to them. Solar Eclipses are super-amplified new moons (beginnings) and Lunar Eclipses are super-amplified full moons (culminations), but they are so much more. Many healers choose to work with these energies. Some astrologers warn against it, because energy moves in extreme and unpredictable ways during eclipses.

First off, let me say that rest is 100% acceptable when we are tired, which we might be during eclipse season. So if you are tired, drained or overwhelmed, by all means rest and let The Force support you. You are an integral part of a higher cosmic design, connected to all that Is, and you don't have to do this thing called Life all by yourself (none of us actually are, even when it feels like it). And with that point in mind, I believe it is never not okay to connect with The Force in ritual, meditation, prayer, or however moves you - even when It's moving big energy during eclipse season.

That said, astrologically, eclipses are not strategic times for strong-willed Magick - the kind where you're trying to ride or commandeer cosmic energy to manifest an agenda from what is likely a limited and outdated vantage point (I'd argue it's always good to approach the Universe with a good measure of worthiness and humility, but to each their own). But we can communicate with and open to Divine Intelligence - and work with the energies that are moving. What's more, to live magickally is to be about the practice of tending our energy (feelings), as much as possible - and we can ask for help with this from the Force of Love. We all veer off, and it's a practice. This isn't spiritual-bypassing (because sometimes we do feel truly, legitimately terrible and we have to practice unconditional love and presence with ourselves in those spaces too), but remembering that we are always participating in what is unfolding can inform our choices in good ways.

There is a practice for good astrological timing for magick or "manifesting", btw - a whole branch of Astrology called Electional Astrology where we "elect" a prime date, time and location to initiate a particular action or create something lasting - and I'm extremely nerd-level into it. But that's a rabbit hole for another day! Anyway, it's often said that the energy is too chaotic to do hardcore manifestation work during eclipses, and while we may experience it that way, I want to shed some light on that - because what's actually happening is far from chaos.


While these periods of several weeks can sometimes be experienced by us humans as being on the crazy side (to a larger or lesser degree depending on how they are mathematically aspecting the other planets in the sky, and the points in your natal chart), what's actually happening is a divine reorganizing of cosmic energy.

Eclipses always happen in pairs (sometimes we get a triple), and we get a pair of eclipses - energy upgrades - every six months. The beginnings of solar eclipses (new moons) and the culminations of lunar eclipses (full moons) work together to bring needed change. Sometimes we get the solar eclipse (beginning) first, and we get the lunar eclipse (ending) after. Sometimes it's the reverse. To further intertwine the inseparable themes of beginnings and endings, sometimes solar eclipses (again, often thought of as beginnings) can be on the South Node, a mathematical point in space where energy is cleared and released. South Node eclipses absolutely have a predominant theme of moving away from something, even when they are Solar. Similarly, sometimes lunar eclipses (again, traditionally thought of as culminations) are on the North Node, a mathematical point in space where there is new energy, growth and unfolding for us.

The moon is a mediator - a transmitter of light and information (check out the podcast I did on eclipses in 2015 with Astrologer Rebecca Gordon for more - she's the first teacher I had and she's an incredible). As the moon orbits earth, she not only transmits solar, planetary and cosmic energy (information) to us, but she collects information about what's happening on earth. As the sun, moon and earth come into perfect alignment with each other during eclipses, there is a communication and an exchange of information between them. As the information is exchanged, the steady signal of light and information we've been receiving is literally cut off and recalibrated. You can see this in the diagrams below. During lunar eclipses, the earth blocks the light of the Sun from the moon. In solar eclipses, the moon is blocking the light of the Sun from the earth:

LUNAR ECLIPSE (upcoming, November 30th at 8°38' Gemini, a North Node eclipse)

SOLAR ECLIPSE (upcoming December 14th at 23°08' Sagittarius, a South Node eclipse - and also the Electoral College)

When the eclipse completes and the light (which is information) comes back, everything has been updated according to the information exchanged. We receive new light, new information, new energy, new consciousness. Eclipses are literal energy upgrades. And there is a trickle-down effect as this new energy begins to reorganize in the density of the physical world. Hence, the feelings of turbulence. Some programs that are outdated are completely uninstalled - whether we think we're ready or not. We might experience an energetic upgrade as chaotic or difficult if a lot has to change to bring us up to date. And if it's the case that we're more than a little out of alignment, we wouldn't be at the consciousness necessary to clearly see or understand the purpose of the updates taking place.


It is always a good time to connect with and communicate with The Force - with The Divine, The Universe, God, whatever you call It - within us and everywhere around us, and team up with this magnificent Intelligence as It reorganizes and upgrades our energy and our lives. It's happening with or without our conscious participation, so we might as well get in there. But, with trust and humility. Life is full of paradoxes. The Force is everywhere within us and for that, we are infinitely powerful - but It's also so much bigger than us. Imagine everything that The Force, in Its infinite perspective and Love, can see right now, that we can't.

The Force is within our desires too. It's okay, and I believe even divine, to want what we want and to go after it. But Astrology is about timing. Starting something new in the middle of a recalibration is not optimal timing because the moving pieces haven't settled yet. If we can connect and trust the divine orchestration of eclipse season - we may be far better off than what we had planned while the old program was running.

My upcoming BACK TO THE FUTURE QUANTUM MEDITATION just happens to fall on the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 30th, an especially potent time for release and surrender. I hadn't focused on this eclipse at all since - thank God - it's largely out of the way of the other overwhelmingly intense aspects happening in the sky 😆. But it's actually a wonderful time to meditate, clear our energy and remember possibility far beyond the current state of things. It's never a bad time to do this. It's important to connect with the Force Of Love that moves everywhere within us and everywhere around us - the Great Is we are a part of.

As we remember new possibilities, we activate them. As we explore future timelines and feel it all now, our energy changes and a chain reaction begins. There is infinite possibility for unfoldment even within the current planetary transits. When we change our energy - our feeling-state - we attune to higher possibilities of cosmic unfoldment. We can surrender our intention to The Force to orchestrate it all in the Highest Divine Order of Love, better than we could ever imagine or plan from here. This is how I work all my astrologically-timed Magick, too. I let The Force know how I want to feel and ask It to handle the details in accordance with the highest good for all, with harm to none. This leaves plenty of room and respect for the divinely-orchestrated planetary energies to do their thing, as well as for creative solutions to arise.

Teamwork makes the dream work. This is the highest Magick 💫 See you in meditation, friends!

PS: We've just completed an 18-ish month series of eclipses on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, to now having eclipses on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis for the next 18-ish months. After record-breaking heaviness in Capricorn in 2020, I'm so happy to be able to tell you that this energy really is moving in December. The December 14th eclipse is also within orb of the Galactic Center, the light and information source of our Sun. There's a lot more to say about the upcoming pair of eclipses and what they might mean for the transition of power in the United States and beyond, but that's a post for another day. Interested in diving into your own chart for a peek at your own gifts, lessons and optimal timing? I'd love to work with you! Book a reading HERE.

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