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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

I do not have all the answers. I don’t have it all figured out.

I have fucked things up left and right. I have had beautiful victories.

I am learning as I go, like everyone else.

Sometimes life is brutal and we’re hoping to God someone somewhere will know what’s up.

More and more I’m finding truth in complexity.

Leaning into shadow. Leaning into light. Recognizing that no one is an ultimate authority on spirituality, healing, truth or life - certainly not me. There’s a reason I’ve never found a total, end-game home in any one religion, spiritual practice or group (as much as, at times, I wanted to).

Being okay with the fact that - so far - I haven’t found a single spiritual or healing person or path that has solved all the problems.

Noticing that the paths I’ve explored all have value and shadow. It seems to be the nature of life.

Doing the best with what I understand right now and the tools I have right now. Both of these things will evolve.

Honoring my questions. Honoring my experiences.

Showing up with what I’ve got. Adjusting my perspective, beliefs and practices as more of life reveals itself to me.

Humbling. Forgiving myself. Forgiving others.

Dancing the dance between remembering

how much I don’t know

and trusting my own authority.

Remembering that love is always powerful, and doing my best to keep applying it.

Doing my best to honor us all. Apologizing and adjusting when I get it wrong. Forgiving again.

Living more.

Choosing again to open to possibility and goodness and more of life unfolding.

Nothing stands still.

I am a life in progress.

I hope that’s enough I’m guessing that it is.

PS: thx @rebecca.dawn_ for the 📸

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