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FULL MOON RELEASE: DREAM | Unexpressed Art Is Heavy

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Unexpressed art is heavy. It took 8 years, 2020, a Mars-Mercury double retrograde and a little Magick to retrieve this one from the vault, and I'm lighter now.

While this recording was always meant to be built upon with further tracking and production, I am so proud of this one sacred take we all did together.

Thank you @reallouiscato@jameswilliamsdrums@randy_runyon and @benzecker for lending your incredible musicianship to this composition. I am so lucky to have been in this space with you. And thank you to Zach McNees for holding onto this for so long, and for seeing it beautifully through. Heartfelt thanks to Steve Woodard for his contribution to the project.

Now go listen. ✨ Link in bio ✨

Biggest Love ✨💛✨


Composer: Rebekah Muir

Vocals: Rebekah Muir

Musical Director: Louis Cato

Drums & Percussion: James Williams

Bass: Louis Cato

Guitar: Randy Runyon

Piano: Benjamin Zecker

Studio & Mix Engineer: Zach McNees

Tracked in 2012 at Godelstring Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

On Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and all the places. ✨✨✨

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