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Fri, Sep 09


Pisces Full Moon Ceremony, Moon Water Magick & Energy Healing Meditation Journey into the Heart of the Divine

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Pisces Full Moon Ceremony, Moon Water Magick & Energy Healing Meditation Journey into the Heart of the Divine
Pisces Full Moon Ceremony, Moon Water Magick & Energy Healing Meditation Journey into the Heart of the Divine

Time & Location

Sep 09, 2022, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

About the event

NOTE: This event is available via Patreon only. If you'd like to gain access, you can become a Patron at 🌟 Tier 1 of my patreon includes all events (Full Moon, New Moon and sometimes more), all exclusive content creation and has four different price points: $8, $22, $33 and $44. Choose the price that works for you. Patrons are invited to switch tiers (prices) any time they need, and to hop on and off the subscription as they need. I love your freedom ❤️ 


Full Moon Blessings, dear friends! ✨ 🌕 ✨ 🌊

Under this Pisces Full Moon, a sacred space will be created for us to come back home to our own personal connection with the Heart of the Divine, everywhere around us - and everywhere within us.

RECOMMENDED: Set your sacred space before we begin. This can be as simple or elaborate as you wish ✨  Candles, ambient lighting, incense, crystals, sacred items, comfortable clothing, water, tea, blankets, pillows... Some days you may not have the energy or the ability to do this - please know that is also completely okay 🙏 Any space becomes sacred when you decide it is so ❤️


- Opening Prayer and casting of sacred space

- Astrological Forecast for this Pisces Full Moon

- Moon Water Ritual - Pisces is a water sign and so you will have the opportunity to make, bless and charge your own Holy Water/Spirit Water, which you can also make into Moon Water should you choose to charge it under the full moon ✨

- Guided Healing Meditation to connect with the Heart of the Divine. Healing is a key theme of the Virgo/Pisces axis. You will be invited into private prayer with the Divine, and taken on a guided journey to receive higher guidance, as well as an Energy Clearing, Healing and Blessing of your Energy Centers (Chakras!). This meditation will be gentle and restorative and will *not* include Breathwork.

- Blessings shared with all beings everywhere, especially those in greatest need and those who are most dear to us.

- Closing prayer

- Sharing for anyone who wishes to share and connect with the community - those who wish to preserve their meditative state are invited to honor that and to bow out ✨


- Spring Water

- A clean, sterile vessel such as a mason jar, or misting bottle if you want to make an energetic spray (not recommended for internal consumption)

- Any clean, sterilized water-safe crystals (such as rose quartz or amethyst) you'd like to infuse into the water. Please do your research on which crystals you use - many crystals are not water safe and can be toxic when placed in water. To be safe, you can place any crystals outside the water vessel and their energies can still be infused with intention. *You absolutely do not need to add anything to this water! It will be perfectly magickal on its own ✨ 

- If you want to turn your moon water into an energetic spray for external use only, you can also gather any essential oils you'd like to add to your elixir. If you do this extra step, you will need a clean funnel to transfer the water to the smaller bottle(s), and you will need to preserve the elixir with alcohol in a  50/50 water-alcohol ratio. I recommend vodka as rubbing alcohol can have some toxic additives.

NOTICE OF RECORDING* This ceremony and meditation will be recorded with the replay posted for patrons at this tier or higher if they cannot make it in real time, or if they wish to enjoy the ceremony again. This ceremony will not be made available to the general public.

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