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Fri, Jan 10


Liberate Hollywood

Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse & Saturn-Pluto Conjunction: Sacred Ceremony + Grace, Reiki & Crystal Elixir Magick

Flowers, Essential Oils & Treats | Sacred Circle-Casting | Ceremonial Burning To Release What Needs To Go | Current Astrology & How To Work With It | Water & Earth Magick: Crystal Elixir To Heal & Shift Energy | Prayer Ceremony to Invoke Grace | Breathwork, Guided Meditation & Reiki Healing

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Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse & Saturn-Pluto Conjunction: Sacred Ceremony + Grace, Reiki & Crystal Elixir Magick
Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse & Saturn-Pluto Conjunction: Sacred Ceremony + Grace, Reiki & Crystal Elixir Magick

Time & Location

Jan 10, 2020, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Liberate Hollywood, 6365 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA

About the event

$50 | Includes Reiki-Charged Crystal Elixir, Other Magickal Supplies & Yummy Snacks. You are invited to come dressed as your best-feeling Self (without pressure, because Life).

SPACE LIMITED TO 18. We cannot promise there will be tickets available at the door so we recommend booking ahead to secure your space.

INSIDER TIP: Call the shop and purchase over the phone to avoid extra fees: 323-745-0495.


This is an alignment for the books. Let us join together in Sacred Ceremony to release what must go, and open to blessed change. This is a very intense Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 20° Cancer, opposing the Sun, South Node, and tough-love Planets Pluto & Saturn as they perfect their conjunction in the sky at 23° Capricorn just two days later on January 12th for the first time since 1982. Each of these alignments on their own are game-changers. To have them all happening at once and on the same axis is massive. Eclipses are harbingers of change. They bring us back into alignment with our highest path (let go or be dragged). We can expect deep awakening, illumination of shadow, and a blessed (though sometimes uncomfortable) karmic redirect. Astrology shows the energetic weather and currents, but the future is always open, and up to Us (and a Higher Power, present in every moment within us and all around us). Rebekah will go over the astrological specifics and how we can best work with them!


We can work with this energy to create powerful and positive change in our lives! It's happening FOR us, not TO us - and we are active participants. Ritual is a beautiful way to focus your energy and connect with the Divine. Guided by Rebekah & Kimberlie, this Holy & Magickal Healing ceremony will facilitate the shifting of your feeling state (vibration) using Breathwork, Reiki, Prayer, Meditation, and the elements of Water (corresponding to the moon in Cancer) and Earth (corresponding to the planetary pilup in Capricorn) in the form of a healing Crystal Elixir.


Crystals are from Mother Earth, each carrying a special vibrational medicine that we can enlist to help us shift ours. Water corresponds to the sign of Cancer, where the moon is during this powerful eclipse. As the most receptive element, water takes on the vibration of whatever is put inside or around it. Tonight we'll make, bless and charge our own personal healing Crystal Elixir spray to take home with us.


Kimberlie will channel Universal Life-Force Energy through the Heart Center, giving a graceful, powerful and blissful ReikiTummo healing to All during the Guided Meditation, as well as charging the Crystal Elixirs. Each guest will receive incredible healing, personally. Kimberlie's healings are second to none, transmuting lower-vibrational energy into light, love, balance and bliss. We always feel it deeply!

"The heart is total transmutation." - Kimberlie Eddy


They are one and the same, although “Magick” feels like a lot less work and a lot more enchanting. The bottom line: Everything is energy. Love is real. Possibility is Infinite. The Law of Vibration - or the Law of Attraction as it is more commonly known - teaches us that life mirrors back to us not what we want, but what we are BEING. Consciousness affects matter - it's not the other way around (to go further down this rabbit hole, please see the work of Nassim Haramein & Dr. Joe Dispenza). Our work this evening will be in elevating our emotional state and connecting with the The Force of Love to catalyze desired change in our lives. We will also connect to the feeling-state of our desired future through a guided meditation, intending "This, or whatever could be even Better".


We will surrender our Magick to The Divine - The Force of Love - to organize in the perfect way.

Our stability rests on something more enduring than the current weather, something permanent and strong. We're depending on God. I had never realized that depending on God meant depending on love. I had heard it said that God was love, but it had never kicked in for me exactly what that meant... God is the love within us.”

- Marianne Williamson, A Return To Love

You will be guided through a sacred and highly personal ritual for you to connect intimately with The Divine (by whatever name you call It... The Force, The Universe, Basic Goodness, Higher Self, Love). The Force is your Source! For Everything. Consciously connecting with The Force of Love – that from which all things come – is a beautiful dance and the highest magick. You get to dream, to create... and receive help and guidance in the process:

If you think of the Divine as your ultimate Source for your work, finances, and all needs, then even the economy becomes irrelevant... No no person, place or thing is seen as your foundation. Only God. - Tosha Silver, Outrageous Openness

The Law of Grace is greater than the Law of Karma. We can ask for and receive help and forgiveness if needed. You don't have to do this all alone. Your commitment to Love and your willingness to be transformed are the only prerequisites for Miracles.

"The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are relying on your own strength." - A Course In Miracles

All spiritual paths & walks of life welcome. Looking Forward & Much Love,

Rebekah & Kimberlie

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