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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I felt the heaviness of everything yesterday. A little energy work + this meditation and I’m back from the upside down.

It really works you guys 💗 I never used to do consistent energy work on myself - too busy. Now i have to. I’ve been doing this for years and somehow still amazed every time.

I am ever-skeptical of dramatic energy healers in this industry and even though I know it works, I used to Roll my eyes when I’d see some healers make a big physical spectacle while clearing or moving energy - such as coughing or gagging. And trust me, I have seen plenty of people do this 😂 But I have to acknowledge a subtle but concrete physical experience I have every single time I cut cords. I yawn! ✨ 🥱 ✨ I’ve never verbalized this until now bc I’ve always been hesitant to say 100% for sure that I’m yawning bc energy is moving. Well, it’s been about 1000 times now so I’m going to say it. I’m yawning bc I can feel the energy release. It never doesn’t happen to me, whether I’m removing cords from myself or a client.

And because I have the kind of mind that needs rational and external validation of all this stuff, I understand if you might need some evidence too.

I've seen all kinds of amazing things happen from Energy Healing work, from the lifting of a mood and unblocking of creative flow to immediate improvements and alleviations of physical ailments. Some results I've personally had from various modalities of energy work:

- when appendicitis and a subsequent infection almost took me out at 16, I lost a lot of hair for probably 3 or 4 months afterward. One Reiki session stopped the hair loss completely - like, that day, it stopped falling out.

- decrease in my own back pain by about 85%

- ability to finally move on from a heartache after years - it just stopped hurting

- decrease in anxiety and stress

- near-instant positive shift in mental/emotional/physical feeling-state when clearing and rebalancing energy - it's palpable how much lighter and more balanced I feel

One of the other incredible experiences I have doing Energy Work with clients is in the diagnostics. I can usually sense a vibration they haven't told me about.

. When I was doing the healing afterward, I was picking up on a dense energy around the womb, in the sacral chakra... it wouldn't clear until I explored it further. It felt like she had a pregnancy that hadn't come to term. I got up the courage to ask her if she had ever been pregnant. It turned out she had had two abortions. We were able to bless, complete and free this energy from her body, bringing her back into balance.

I've grown in confidence as I've had my impressions consistently validated by clients. There is so much going on below the surface in terms of how we feel and where we are, consciously. While my understanding of how this all works is growing all the time, there is a large part that remains a mystery. I don't have all the answers, and it is not an instant cure-all. I can assure you I am not enlightened or finished my own healing work (and if you meet someone who claims to be enlightened or a cure-all, you should probably run). I've also had clients with very serious illnesses that I couldn't "fix" and that's been hard because we still try to help. But I continue to be amazed and encouraged by the results I do experience. When I'm personally not feeling right, I have found it really gives me the shift I need to turn things around.

One last thing: while seeing an experienced Energy Healer can really give you a leg up, anyone can learn to do this work. You can do Energy Work on yourself in meditation quite effectively, or learn simple cord-cutting and energy hygiene practices (the energetic equivalent of washing your hands!) that will make a huge difference. And even though I do this work, when I need an adjustment myself I sometimes find I'm a little too close to the problem, or too depleted to show up for myself. That's when I call in a colleague to help. That's what we're here for! No one is an island.

So if you have any questions about Energy Work, feel free to email me at And if you're thinking of giving it a try, I'd encourage that :) Let's see if we can begin to bring you back into alignment! You can book a session on my website. Link in bio! Canadians, make sure you let me know you're North and I'll honour all the prices in CAD.

Much Love ❤️


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