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I crossed the Canadian border one year ago today. Canada, you’re beautiful and kind, and I never wanted to leave America. I’ve been open, wondering if maybe I belonged back here after all given how things have unfolded and how not-breezy the immigration process has been for me in comparison to so many friends. I still know the Universe is guiding me. And it’s been a wild ride of a year, bouncing from Calgary to Nova Scotia to Ottawa, not wanting to put down roots in any of these places... or truthfully, anywhere north. I’m still working on finding my way Home.

I knew this reset wasn’t going to be quick, and I’ve found lots of grace in this hard turn of events. This past few months have been admittedly harder, but there is still grace.

I’ve been praying the rosary and exploring it’s mysteries with some new friends from @way_of_the_rose which has been so perfect. They are not affiliated with the Catholic Church, or any church. We just pray together and reach out to the Divine Mother through this simple, embodied practice. What has struck me so deeply are the mysteries of the rosary, which tell an incredible story of the full-spectrum journey of life and the choices we make and experiences we have along the way. That following our heart, the Divine nudges, and our truth does not mean it will always be easy. And that if things are hard, it does not mean we are not in Divine alignment.

I think in the New Age world, we could do with this reminder. I definitely needed it.

The journey in the mysteries of the rosary is archetypal, for me. Not unlike the hero’s journey in the tarot. Sometimes we will struggle, and suffer, and doubt. As we approach Easter, I’m reminded that things were not easy for Jesus either 😆 There are many Divine detours. This is the human journey. I have like zero of my original boxes ticked at this point in my life. But I have some boxes ticked that weren’t even on the list that are invaluable. My Divine connection, my spiritual freedom, my home within myself.

“We do not live in a motherless Universe.”

- The Way Of The Rose

I am at home in my own heart. And I know the Great Mother is guiding me home in this world 🌹

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